Emelia - briefly in English

A galeas is beeing built on Åland Islands - Emelia. Follow us in the process of building Emelia, we are based in the maritime quarter of Mariehamn. Emelia will be over 20 meters long, has two masts and have 8 sails.

The Emelia project shall secure that the unbroken tradition of building and sailing traditional vessels is carried on to future generations. The orginal galeas Emelia was built in 1889-1890 by master shipwright Erik Söderström. Emelia was launched in 1890 mainly to carry wood from Åland to Turku, Finland. Erik Söderstrom, from Geta was known as a very skilled master shipwright during this time and he also bulit the Schooner Ingrid that have inspired Ceiba, a three-masted cargo schooner that is beeing built in Costa Rica at the moment. The original Emelia was a little sister of Ingrid. Emelia is beeing rebuilt with modern solutions where environmental and sustainable standards are on a high level.

The very idea with Emelia is that knowledge is passed on to future generations - how to build, rig and sail a schooner. The galeas Albanus have been serving this purpose since 1988 but slowly has to retire. Albanus has also successfully participated in the sailing competition Tall Ships Race and has received an award from the organization Sail Training International for the goal oriented work with young people.  Several of the trainees from Albanus have later continued into further Maritime studies. Emelia will continue teaching young people about traditional sailing. Also, the vessel and its apprentices shall act as ambassadors for the Åland Islands at sea and in foreign ports.


Length Water Line (LWL) 21,5 m
Lenght on Deck (LOD) 25,6 m
Length Overall (LOA) 32,5 m
Bream 6,6 m
Draught 2,0 m
Displacement 100 ton


Emelia is estimated total cost will be 2.3 million euros. Government of Åland contributes 25 percent of the costs. Other funding contributions are private donations or sponsored by companies. Do you want to support the project? Everyone can take part and contribute, it is also possible to buy a frame, a nail or the keel. Contact us for further information.